Team Building

Activity Suggestions

Half day Team building workshop with activities from the following, designed to get your team members working together in a fun and creative way

Generation Game

Chris gives a demonstration, then in your teams you each have a go at drawing the celebrity. As a team you discuss all your drawings and decide the best one to go forward and for someone to present it. Chris judges the winner!

Have a go at a politician

Chris gives a demonstration, then as a team you decide which politician(s) you’d like to draw and why. You use her templates and workbook to create your own caricature – then see if the other teams can identify them!

Draw each other

Chris gives a demonstration, then you pair up to follow her workbook to create a caricature of each other, so you have one of everyone.

Create the Perfect Team Leader (or other role of your choosing)

The timing and content can be adapted for requirements: Ideas session – everyone puts post it of the ideal qualities/features/emotions that they want the role to have Team discussion – each team agrees on their top ten Creating – the team create the ideal person using the demonstration by Chris, her template kits and guidance Presentation – the team present their results and reason – a longer session can allow for creative skills here Chris can arrange for artwork to be framed for a small extra cost – ask her about this on the day


Enquire about Team Building caricatures using our quick form

Some examples of our Trade Fairs

Enquire about Team Building caricatures using our quick form