Having Chris present on your exhibition stand can help attract prospects to your stand. Whilst Chris is drawing you will gain that extra time to sell your products / services.

Customer Events

If you are planning a customer event, then why not add the extra bit of fun by using Chris to draw on the spot caricatures.

Team Building Days

Whatever your teambuiding day or event, Chris will contribute by drawing staff throughout the day. Have a look at some of the suggestions on the team building page!

Parties and Celebrations

Annual or Christmas Parties can have that added entertainment by having Chris attend and draw the staff. Chris will draw on the spot caricatures throughout the evening.

Caricatures of Staff for Presentations

As an example, Chris did an assignment for Wesleyan Building Society where she drew caricatures of the staff posed as medieval knights for a company presentation day.

Christmas Cards

For a unique Christmas card or Customer Invitations, Chris will draw caricatures of members of staff. Drawings will be made from colour photographs.

Launch Days

Launching a new business or rebranding then entertain your customers with On The Spot caricatures.


Add some fun to your conference with On The Spot caricatures of your delegates.

Ice Breaker Activites

For conferences and company events caricatures are great ways of ice breaking. Helps get your people in the mood and relaxed.

Retirement Gifts

Colour caricatures are perfect retirement gifts. Drawings are customised to include hobbies, interests or special memories.

Pub Signs

As an example, one assignment undertaken by Chris was to draw the pub landlord in suit of armour on horseback.


Add a bit of fun and sparkle to your website with caricatures of your employees.

 Some examples of our Corporate work

I asked Chris to work for me at a corporate event (Marstons), she was fantastic and created a real focal point to attract potential clients to our stand! I could recommend Chris 100% and I have repeated booking with Chris and have always been really pleased with the excellent feedback and response to our events. She is a lovely approachable lady who I regard as more than a work associate.

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