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Digital Caricature Drawing at ACC Conference in London

by | Nov 13, 2017

A great time was had by all when I drew digital caricature drawings at the A.C.C. Conference in London this week. Caricatures were drawn on an iPad pro using an Apple Pencil.  Each delegate that was drawn had their artwork emailed to them instantly to use on their social media. This is great as the delegates came from all over the world and because the caricatures were digital they didn’t have to worry about transporting their pictures home they had them instantly on their phone. To find out more about digital drawing follow this link:


Digital Caricature Drawing Linked to a Screen

Digital caricature drawing on the iPad can be linked to a screen.  This is great entertainment as everyone can see what is being drawn.  If it is a wedding all the guests can watch the bride and groom being drawn.  Alternatively a corporate event is enhanced and more fun is had by all, if the delegates can see the digital caricature drawings being created stage by stage.


Chris Ryder of Wittypics drawing digital caricatures at the ACC Conference in London.