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Family Caricatures from Photos

by | Mar 24, 2021

Bespoke Family Caricatures

Drawing Bespoke Family Caricatures in the ‘Loovre’

Would you like a bespoke family caricature? Yesterday I drew bespoke family caricatures in my clients downstairs toilet.  You could say I was drawing in the ‘Loovre’.  I created an artwork proof in the studio beforehand so the client knew exactly what she was getting and also this allowed her to ‘tweak’ it.  She changed her mind about what instrument she wanted one of the sons to be playing and and could visualise it what it would look like in her own loo.  Once she was happy with the proof, I went to her house and created it directly onto her wall.  She loved it and would make her smile when using the toilet and add a fun element to anyone using it.

As an extra, I printed off the studio design and gave that to the client as a bonus, including all the individual caricatures for family members to keep.

The image on the left is the artwork created in the studio and on the right the one I drew on the client’s toilet wall.

Family Caricatures from photos

Family Caricatures from photos